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We focus on four key areas where we can save our clients money and time in the preparation of any project.

Real Estate

It is often difficult to visualize all the details of an architectural design, and often even the visualizations of 3D models do not provide the right information for the investor's final decision. Building development is about changing briefs, design variations, perception of mass, choice of materials and last but not least working with light. It is a demanding process involving many people.


Let the customer design your shop. How to increase revenue and margins? A store that works great for the customer! What should be the logic of category placement, category structure, role of brands, including private label? How to resolve conflicts in the checkout zone, limit losses and risks? How to effectively implement promotions?


Thanks to virtual reality, you can present your products anywhere in the world without moving them from place to place. Customers and business partners from all over the world can thus attend your presentation. Virtual reality also allows you to display your product to your customers in a more interactive way.

VR Encyclo­pedia

The VR encyclopedia enables the use of virtual reality technology for the distribution of educational and informative content in museums, public libraries, schools and school or professional libraries.