Virtuplex Helps Families with Seriously Ill Children

The first Ronald McDonald House is being built in the Czech Republic to help
children with serious illnesses and their families.

Virtuplex decided to lend a hand, transposing part of the house into virtual reality for the Ronald McDonald Foundation. This allows potential sponsors to tour the future spaces and see the details and goals of particular projects. The Ronald McDonald House has a single mission: To help families and offer them free and comfortable accommodations next to the Motol Children’s Hospital where children often spend weeks or even months in treatment. They frequently suffer from the lack of contact with their families that often travel halfway across the country to be with them. The house will thus help children and their parents both psychologically and financially when it opens towards the end of 2022.

Sponsors Tour the Ronald McDonald House in VR

The first tours have already taken place in the Virtuplex space where potential sponsors inspected the future building in virtual reality in June 2021. Representatives of Czech and foreign companies could thus get detailed knowledge about the project. The view of the house’s interior convinced sponsors to join the project, and several of them did so immediately after the VR tour.

“We’re proud that virtual reality can contribute to a good cause and help a praiseworthy project while seeking out and creating new contacts and relationships. It’s the first time our company has used this technology to support a charity project,” Virtuplex co-founder Pavel Novák said.

“I must praise our work with Virtuplex, which was outstanding. I could tell they loved our project and want to help. We didn’t have to convince or beg them for help. We really value this approach and responsive aid. It’s a prime example of what corporate CSR activities should look like,” Ronald McDonald House Foundation Director Ivana Pešatová said, adding: “We want to build more houses in the Czech Republic in the future and we will only be happy if Virtuplex decides to work with us again.”