Virtuplex Presented at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Festival goers could tour projects we’re putting together with our client Tatra Mountain Resorts.

Virtual reality was a feature of the accompanying program at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Festival partner Tatra Mountain Resorts (TMR) together with the Virtuplex created a VR zone using the Gopass Lounge brand where people could see a virtual version of the Central hotel being built in the Slovak ski resort of Jasná and the future renovation of the Bešeňova hotel, which TMR is transforming into a luxurious wellness centre with curative waters. Both projects were completed by the Virtuplex at its Bratislava location.

The Virtuplex used its remote connection technologies at the Karlovy Vary festival to bring visitors an experience very similar to being at the Virtuplex itself. In this case, the free movement allowed by the Virtuplex was replaced by teleporting throughout the VR environment.

“We worked to find other uses of VR models as part of our cooperation with TMR. Showing their presentation to the general public was an effective way to present TMR’s plans. We also confirmed once again that we are able to move our technology to the client and outside the Virtuplex itself, which we want to focus on more in the future. Our strategic goal is to offer clients the widest range of options for utilizing their projects outside our VR space,” Virtuplex representative Adriana Zalová said.