Students Tour Moon Base and Discuss Space Colonization in the Virtuplex

Twenty talented students in the Moon Camp Challenge project organized by the European Space Education Resource Office exchanged their desks for virtual reality goggles last week.

Students from elementary and secondary school were able to speak with experts about space exploration and colonization in the Virtuplex; discussing everything from orbiting Earth to the current plans to colonize other planets and journeys beyond our solar system.

During the event, the participants were able to tour a model of a moon base in virtual reality designed by space architect Tomáš Rousek from the XTEND DESIGN studio. They explored the base in groups, interacting with one another and observing how their friends moved around as virtual avatars. Another experience was being virtually teleported from one location to another. The program included work with 3D printers where the students learned how to design their own extra-terrestrial base.

“We want to supplement Tomáš Rousek’s moon base with the three best ideas from the students in last year’s Moon Camp Challenge. We will transpose them into virtual reality by this fall so the scene is set for the European final of the competition. One of the events will take place in the Virtuplex this September,” Virtuplex Marketing and Communication Officer Michael Sido said.